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I have three wishes for this new year:

(1)- I would like to take this special moment to wish the world living in peace, healthy and stay green (If less deforestation and less used of carbon dioxide in the coming years), people in the world treat everyone equally and opportunity and no war !!

(2)- I also want to wish my mother, my family and kids stay in good health and be happy for entire year ahead.

(3)- I wish I could I explore working experiences at the regional level in this coming year

Best wishes and loves,

Kim Heang



In order to develop clarity of purpose- goal focus; simply answer these questions with as much detail as possible:

  1. What exactly do you want to achieve, at work, within the next year?
  2. In order to do this one thing within one year, what exactly do you need to achieve within the next six months?
  3. Name at least four benefits you will gain if you achieve the goal stated above.
  4. Name three key people whose cooperation you will need to engage?
  5. What material resources will you need to assemble?
  6. Write out your best possible plan to achieve the goal stated above.
  7. Name the first action to take and the exact date you will take it.
  8. Print out the answers to the above questions and read them to yourself every day. Each two weeks, modify the answers as your current situation develops.

Source:  The Effective Leader Manager (e-book)


Quote of the Day

Quote of the day “Leader with no clear organizational vision bring followers fall at risk, lost respect and reputation”

Source: Unknown

I tend to believe in this concept, especially for the young graduated student who wishes to have a better experience for their life and grow for a future job by themselves. With the current job market with high competition and the requirement from individual workplace that need person with such experiences to apply for job. Young graduate should devote for at least a few years on voluntary job which may give a good experiences based its education learned from university. In this sense, whatever volunteering jobs you think that it will help to improve your learned skilled from university you should able to accept the job.

Given example of myself, though I am not working volunteering based, that I am working with a very low paid in early 1990, as seconded staff of the provincial health department to international organization in Kampot Province namely GTZ for now, to support and improve community health at the community by working with 5 health centers in different districts in the province. I really learned a lot from doing this work through working day to day with the Health Advisor (Foreign Expat). It is especially when you get a strong technical and guidance to support from your direct supervisor such me which was Dr. Philippe Longfils at that time that would really help me to take off my knowledge and enhancing my skills to grow. I would like to thank him from the bottom of my heart to provide this generous support to me. Sooner I was promoted with the support Dr. Philippe from one step to another, from a project to anthers which lead me to learn more different skills and knowledge that I never have it before. As a result from this voluntary works, I have had today working in this public health field with different UN agencies and international organizations.

This is just a one person experiences that you learn but you will hear many more from others as well with their growth from being start as volunteer. I would strongly encourage you to consider thing experience for those who don’t expose to the works immediate after graduated. I wish you all good luck !!!

Photos Credit: Dr. Philippe Longfils in early 2000 in Kampot Province

We do growth monitoring, provide deworming medicine to school children and community, health education by village health volunteer, community outreach and complementary feeding activities…









My heart is so painful when I visited this amputated girl this afternoon at the Khmer Soviet Friendship Hospital. She looks very skinny and painful as running through of 2 times operation. She told me that she is very painful… I am speechless at this moment.

I hope this little help from all friends which I could collect in total of 424,000 Riel to give to the girl’s family would help for this difficult period. Thank you so much to all my friends for your generous support s and thank to my friend at the Cambodia Trust who promise to provide artificial legs and wheel chair to the girl. Best wishes, Kim Heang

Ampultated girl1




I am considering to organize a fund raising a fund to support this pity girl who amputated her both legs by a land mine recently in Koh Kong Province which was happened with her in early Khmer New Year 2014.  I am really shock to read this information through newspaper. Any friends willing to joint this fund raising with me? Please consider to help this girl with me for this new year. I look forward to hear from you. Kim Heang

A few hours after I shared this info through my Facebook page there are some friends expressed their interest and sympathy to support this girl.

Thank you so much to all friends who expressed your love to support to this girl. To share your donation there are two options: 1) you can donate directly by yourself to this girl at Khmer Soviet Friendship Hospital, 2) you can do it via myself or directly to a girl who is staying at Khmer Soviet Friendship Hospital now.

My message to my friend:

Dear Sisary, this is Kim Heang. I shared This with you to seek for your support if you could offer a wheel chair for this pity girl who just amputated her both legs by a land mine recently. Not sure if you still work for your org. If you could please consider. Thank you so much. I wish a Happy New Year!

A friend of mine, is working with the Cambodia Trust Organization, a place to produce the artificial legs promised to give a peer of legs and a wheel chair to her. They sent their assessment team to see the girl to assess the condition and gave contact address to the girl once she is getting better to get the artificial legs and a wheel chair.

As of today 23 April 2014, I could gathering some money to support this amputated girl for 424,000 Riel. I would like to take this opportunity to express my profound thanks to all my friends, which I apology not name here, to contribute your love to support this girl. I wish you all success for the coming year ahead.

Best wishes, Kim Heang

Ampultated girl1

Ampultated Girl


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