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image1By Ung Kim Heang

24 December 2016: Together with several other alumnus students at the University of Cambodia, I was very honoured to receive an Outstanding Graduate Alumnus Award from the President of the University of Cambodia as an outstanding alumnus student who has remarkable work achievements after graduated from the university. The event presided by Dr. Koa Kim Houn, The President of the University of Cambodia. Those of the outstanding alumnus candidates are Mr. Tong Soprach, the Social Researcher and the Phnom Penh Post Columnist and Mr. Pu Kea, the outstanding Journalist in Cambodia. It was the first time for the university to offer this award to its student since its opening in 2003.

I was asked on a number of questions pertaining to my work experiences and achievements as well as social activities contribution: Please find below my response to the following four questions:

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My 2017 Resolutions

My 2017 Resolutions

  1. Continue to build more stronger and a happier family
  2. Get additional businesses within the family
  3. Work harder and quality with what I do now
  4. Looking for overseas works and/or continue higher degree  overseas study

Special thanks and wishes to my wife and my both daughter for always keeping and motivated me for this entire year efforts though with some success and not but we all keep going foreword together… for the coming year of 2017.Without you all ,I will never have energy to keep moving  !!

I would also like to convey my heartfelt thanks and gratitude to a number of people who contributed to my achievements in this past year, they are my both moms/parents, Dr. Philippe and my most respected person, Deb for always supporting, advices, and emotional discussion and sharing without time or conditions.  

I wish you all the best and wish for the year 2017, may you all live with peace and happiness. I love you all !!

Best wishes, Kim Heang Ung 



I have three wishes for this new year:

(1)- I would like to take this special moment to wish the world living in peace, healthy and stay green (If less deforestation and less used of carbon dioxide in the coming years), people in the world treat everyone equally and opportunity and no war !!

(2)- I also want to wish my mother, my family and kids stay in good health and be happy for entire year ahead.

(3)- I wish I could I explore working experiences at the regional level in this coming year

Best wishes and loves,

Kim Heang



In order to develop clarity of purpose- goal focus; simply answer these questions with as much detail as possible:

  1. What exactly do you want to achieve, at work, within the next year?
  2. In order to do this one thing within one year, what exactly do you need to achieve within the next six months?
  3. Name at least four benefits you will gain if you achieve the goal stated above.
  4. Name three key people whose cooperation you will need to engage?
  5. What material resources will you need to assemble?
  6. Write out your best possible plan to achieve the goal stated above.
  7. Name the first action to take and the exact date you will take it.
  8. Print out the answers to the above questions and read them to yourself every day. Each two weeks, modify the answers as your current situation develops.

Source:  The Effective Leader Manager (e-book)


Quote of the Day

Quote of the day “Leader with no clear organizational vision bring followers fall at risk, lost respect and reputation”

Source: Unknown

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