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Is Kampot province will be the second Sihanuk ville in the future?

Photos Credit: Dr. Philippe Longfils, Kampot Residence : Photos since 2007 and you don’t see this today. Most of them are changed today.

From time to time not only Cambodian people, but foreigners as well who visit Sihanuk province, talks about the dominant of Chinese business people in this province. Same do I. I have the same feeling as expressed it in my previous article about Sihanuk province, especially when we look into the business landscape whereby most of the business activities occupied by the Chinese people. Particularly, in the tourism sector that including hotel, guest house as well as casinos and other restaurant and entertainment activities.

Having said this because I met a few western foreigners who is seeking for a place to live or making business in Kampot now and they said they were moved out from Sihanuk Ville where the live before and the place they used to rent 500 USD per month is increased to 1,000 USD or even 1,500 USD per month with the takeover by the Chinese business people. My question: is Chinese business people also move to Kampot after it is saturated in Sihanuk Ville? Read the rest of this entry »


Date: 15 February 2018


Photo Credit: Gettyimages

HIV/AIDS can be prevented by different preventive measures which including wearing condom when having sex and/or from blood transmission and through raising public awareness on a particular disease and the transmission prevalence rate is dramatically decreased from year to year to even under 0.6% in 2016 among adult population from 15-49 years. However, the road accident case is still high according to the recent report revealed by the National Road Safety Committee that within this last 10 months in 2017 the traffic accident happened 2,958 cases caused people died of 1,469 and injured of 4,530. Read the rest of this entry »


The Growth of Sihanuk Ville, Cambodia?

Hearing people often say from one to another, about Chinese people contribute to the development of economic in this province, I now experienced myself just from a corner of hospitality services and I had a very surprise feeling to see just this small thing happened to me a few days ago last week in Sihanuk Ville whereby my family and I happened to be there and need a one overnight stay in this city province.

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New Year Resolution 2018

New Year Resolutions 2018

1- Continue to build more stronger and a happier family

2- Looking for a possible opportunity whereby my professional skills can be unitized  internationally

3- Get additional financial resources 

Thanks to family and my good friends who always support my resolutions in the past year and continue to support in the coming year.  Hope these to come into concrete action and reality.


Year Back Review in 2017

Reviewing year back of my activities is quite exciting. By taking the advantage from this ending year holiday to sit and review of my challenges and lesson learned that my family and I made over the year. There are a number of emotional story and lesson we learned from this whole year that I see it as life learning lessons which need further struggles and commitments to achieve the goals in the coming years. Read the rest of this entry »

Today the first day of the Khmer New Year 2017, the year of Roster. I visited my mother at my homeland. It has always a great feeling , not only me but I am sure other people the whole country of Cambodia, for taking this opportunity to meet their family and friends for catching up and sharing the good things together over the past year.  So do I. I am glad to see my mother and other relatives but I also meet a wheel chair, whose kept a side of my house, where my grandma always sit on it for a few years before she left us. It reminded me of her smile, forgiveness and efforts when she was about 60s’ that she grew many kind of vegetables at home and she could sold it at the market in exchange with food to bring back home everyday. During that time (1980s’-1990s’) my grandma plays a major role of getting foods to feed our family members whereas my mom was working as a staff nurse in the hospital taking care of a four kids and my cousin. It was a hard time but leave a good memory and legacy.

I missed you grandma and may you rest in peace and may your soul be with us and taking care of us every minutes.

Happy Khmer New Year 2017 !!!


image1By Ung Kim Heang

24 December 2016: Together with several other alumnus students at the University of Cambodia, I was very honoured to receive an Outstanding Graduate Alumnus Award from the President of the University of Cambodia as an outstanding alumnus student who has remarkable work achievements after graduated from the university. The event presided by Dr. Koa Kim Houn, The President of the University of Cambodia. Those of the outstanding alumnus candidates are Mr. Tong Soprach, the Social Researcher and the Phnom Penh Post Columnist and Mr. Pu Kea, the outstanding Journalist in Cambodia. It was the first time for the university to offer this award to its student since its opening in 2003.

I was asked on a number of questions pertaining to my work experiences and achievements as well as social activities contribution: Please find below my response to the following four questions:

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Today I gave a thumb up to Rita, my elder daughter, for her effort in doing such a great presentation on her home project.

Enjoy watching !!

IMG_6783.JPGPhoto credit : Dr. Philippe – Kampot Province.

I was standing in front of an in patient building in one of the health centers in Kampot in 1998. This was a Chum Kiri Health Center where my project , at that time GTZ, supports many health services including malaria activities in this health center. Later on this building was renovated with the fund from GTZ. Thank to the RDP project at that time under the supervision from Dr. Philippe as Health Advisor and I was his assistant. It was a great memory to look back to the 18 years ago. Thanks Dr. Philippe for sharing the photo. Best of luck !! Kim Heang

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